Short Time Only Pest Control Special Offer With 2 FREE Bonus Gifts Included…

“You’ll Get Your Whole Home Fully Treated Including Roof Void, Inside Skirtings, Under House …  And All Outside Areas Including Garage, Shed, Pool, Pergola, Cubby House And Fences For Large Cockroaches At Just $180 … Plus You’ll Get A FREE Treatment For Spiders, Black Ants, Brown Ants, Silverfish, Wasps And Crickets!”

“You’ll Get All This For Just $180 – Nothing More To Pay … Plus  2 Free Bonus Gifts!”  

         There’s No Toxic Fumes or Smells. I Use Better Quality Synthetic Pyrethroid Products Which Give Excellent Results And Are Much Safer For You, Your Family, Your Pets & The Environment!



Dear Friend,

When you have me treat your home This Month for Large Cockroaches, I’ll include a Free treatment for Spiders, Black Ants, Brown Ants, Silverfish, Crickets and Wasps. That’s right … there’s absolutely No Charge for these extra services! However, there is one condition … You better be very quick!

                       You’ll Get This Special Offer For A Short Time Only!

$180 Special Offer (Reg $240) for whole home pest treatment to all areas, including roof void, under house (if applicable), inside skirtings, garage, shed, pool area, pergola, fence line, retaining wall and all exterior of house including base perimeter, eaves, gutters, gaps around door and window frames, cubby house, BBQ area and outdoor furniture. For homes up to 40 squares.

This treatment is for large cockroaches, and you’ll get the webbing spiders, black and brown ants, silverfish, crickets and wasps treated for Free! These are the main pests that most people are concerned about at this time of year. Rats and mice can be treated for an extra cost.

                     How Am I Different From Other Pest Control Companies?

I make firm appointment times. If I’m running ten minutes late for some reason, I’ll call you to let you know. I won’t have you waiting around all day for someone to turn up, or worse … not have anyone turn up at all … or not even call you. I know this does happen with some companies and I know your time is important. I won’t let you down.

I’ll take the time to thoroughly treat all areas of your home. There’s no cutting corners or rushing in and out in five minutes. A common complaint from some of my new customers is that the last company they used were in and out in five minutes and didn’t do much at all.

You can relax knowing that I’ll take the time to properly service your home for best results. Before commencing any work I’ll ask you what your concerns are, and have you show me any areas you would like me to particularly concentrate on. For example, the garden shed with spider webs or your pool area with redback webs.

Is It Safe For Asthma & Allergy Sufferers, Kids & Pets And What Products Do I Use?

I do all types of premises for people with asthma, allergies, children, and pets and because of our sensible safety approach and the better, safer quality products that we use, we have never had a problem and we wish to keep it that way. Any treatment that we carry out to the inside of your home is odourless. It does not stain, mark or smell and can be used on carpet, skirting boards, floor boards, tiles. Some people do not want any treatment done inside and if you don’t want any treatment done inside that’s fine … just let us know!

I only use synthetic pyrethroid products, which are safer than many other products being used. They don’t have any foul smells or odours. Synthetic pyrethroid products are a better alternative for controlling a wide range of insect pests in and around your home.

I mainly use the products Permethrin and Deltamethrin at full strength rates. When applied accurately and correctly to cracks, crevices and other places where pests hide and breed, the results are excellent.

                                         What Price Should You Pay?

If you ring around for price quotes you’ll see that prices for pest control services will vary from one company to another. But just be aware that not all pest control companies are the same. So while one company might charge you a cheap price, you will more than likely not be getting your home serviced properly or thoroughly, as they cut costs to keep the price down.

Remember, you get what you pay for. With competition you’ll always have a range of prices to choose from, but what you get for that price will vary greatly from company to company. Some of the cheaper companies will also use cheaper more toxic chemicals not only to the outside of your home, but also inside your home leaving a stinking toxic smell. I personally believe that this is a health hazard to you and your family. Don’t risk it! I’ll give you a far better and safer treatment … Guaranteed!  And although you might find a couple of bucks cheaper, I know you won’t get everything that I’ll do for you!

You’ll find my prices to be very reasonable, especially considering everything I do. I am not the cheapest and certainly not the dearest either, however, I guarantee that the service I perform on your home will be the most thorough treatment you’ve ever had, whilst being as careful and safe as possible.

I personally guarantee that you’ll be pleased. You see, I want you to use my business again and again … plus refer me to all your friends and neighbours. I know this won’t happen unless you’re thrilled with my service. If I do the right thing by you then I know you’ll use me again.  It’s just the way it works. That’s why I have so many happy repeat and referred customers who continue to use my service every year.

                                        How To Prepare For A Pest Treatment

Firstly, please take all clothes off your clothes line. Some clothes lines are very close to the house and when I treat around the gutter and eaves areas, it’s best that there are no clothes near by.

Also, could you please take your vehicle out of the garage and out of the driveway, so I can treat your garage. Empty out any water in bowls you have outside for your pets and remove any pet food. Please arrange for dogs and cats to be placed inside your laundry or in your garage while I do the backyard area. They will be fine to let out after I have finished this area and the treatment is dry. Please let me know if you have birds or fish. Extra care needs to be taken around birds and fish outdoors.

Please remove items around the skirting board areas of inside your home as much as possible, so I can treat the skirting boards with an odourless surface spray mist. It does not stain, mark or smell and is allowed to be used on carpet, floorboards and tiles. If you don’t want inside your home done that’s fine too … just let me know.

Please make sure that children are not around whilst I am working. Simply because kids are always very curious and like to know what’s going on. So for their safety and your peace of mind, I like to take extra care by making sure that they are as safe as possible. It’s a good idea to have the kids go to a family, friends or neighbours house for a few hours. Please also make sure that you have no other people booked in to do work in and around your home at the same time as I am due to arrive. For example, a plumber, electrician, garden or handy person. I cannot perform any work while these people are working there too. Please help me to help you.

                                                   Red Back Spider Warning

Red Back Spiders like to hide under the rims and lips of outdoor furniture, pot plants, metal garden sheds, garage doors, retaining walls, pool areas, pool fences and behind the down pipes just to mention a few places. So be careful where you put your fingers.

The red back spider web is normally very messy, with bits of grass and leaves caught in the web. They extend their webs from pot plants to the ground and around the cracks and crevices of the above mentioned areas. Their webs generally don’t look like much at all, but there can be a whopping big red back hiding amongst there. So just be aware.

Check also inside your house under the coffee table, dining table and chairs as we have new customers calling from time to time, to tell us that they’ve found red backs inside in these locations. I’m sorry to alarm you, but it’s better to be safe than sorry — especially if you’ve got kids who like poking their fingers around.

Did you know that your electronic exhaust ceiling fans/vents in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen areas that exhaust the air into the roof cavity are also places where red backs make themselves at home? You can remove the plastic exhaust vent fan cover and spray surface spray around this area and then once you have re-attached the plastic fan cover, just turn the fan on and spray the surface spray over the plastic cover. This will keep the red backs away from the exhaust fan and prevents them from dropping down inside, and by turning the fan on it sucks out the aerosol smell into the roof cavity.

                    When Is The Best Time of Year To Have Your Home Treated?

Pests are active all year round, however the warmer months is when they really come out of the cracks and crevices where they’ve been hiding and breeding. September through to May is our very busy time of the year, and most people first wait till they have a pest problem and then call us! But it’s best to stay on top of it, and have your home serviced every 6-12 months to prevent the build up of pests hiding and breeding in your roof, walls, under the house and other areas of your home that you can’t see … but where the pests are!

We have quite a number of clients that only want their home serviced in winter June-July-August to prevent pests hiding and breeding in the warmth of the walls and other areas of the home during the colder months. It’s a smart idea and it works to prevent spiders, cockroaches and other pests suddenly coming out in their droves in the warmer months. However, most people will service their home during the warmer months September through to May. This is what many customers regard as the best time to have their home treated.

                                                        What If It Rains?

Don’t worry if it rains on the day I am due to service your home. I will call you to re-schedule for another time. For best results the  treatment that I do outside does have to go onto a dry surface initially for maximum results and even if it rains later, it will still stay there working.

Many customers worry that if it rains after treating their home that the treatment will simply all wash away. This is not correct. You see, I use a special additive product to the outdoor treatment which has been designed to stick and bind to treated surfaces.

It creates a special coating to make it last longer on treated surfaces and is not easily washed off once it goes on dry! Pests hide in cracks and crevices away from the rain anyway. So I focus on these areas where they hide and breed.                                              

                                            All Work Is 100% Guaranteed!

All work is 100% guaranteed to be done right the first time. I’ll take the time to give you the most thorough pest treatment you’ve ever had. There’s no cutting corners or rushing in and out in five minutes. You’ll love the results – 100% Guaranteed!

But Hey, Don’t Take My Word For It. Here’s What Some Of My Customers Have To Say!

Here’s me with another satisfied customer. The legendary Parramatta Powerhouse. The greatest winger of all time. ERIC ‘THE GURU’ GROTHE!

“We decided to give Aaron’s Pest Control a go after we were disappointed with our last pest control company. John provided us a professional approach, a very thorough treatment and now we are cockroach free and very happy.” Eric Grothe & Helen Edwards, Kearns

“Great service, always on time. And listens to what we need done with our house. Highly recommend John for pest control and very affordable. Thanks John.”  Chris & Chantelle Buttigieg, Oran Park 

“We have been using Aaron’s pest control for the past 4 years and cannot compliment John enough on the professional workmanship and service he provides, it’s the best pest treatment second to none. I highly recommend Aaron’s pest control to anyone, and in fact his service is so good most of my neighbors in my street are also now using John for their pest control after unsatisfactory dealings with other companies and they too have never been happier.” Rick Agostino, Edmondson Park

“I am writing this testimonial regarding Aarons Pest Control Services having dealt with this company for the past 7 years in particular John Maya. I have had absolutely excellent service from every visit, John has a very professional manner and this reflects in the way he approaches clients from the thorough explanation of what is required through to the completion of the work an absolute professional in all aspects and as I own a property maintenance company I often refer friends and family also clients to John as I am confident he will look after them every time.” Nicholas Fuller, Camden South

“We’ve been using Aaron’s Pest Control since 2004. John is a friendly and reliable professional who offers quality, old fashioned customer service.  He takes the time to identify and address any problems so he can achieve the best possible outcome.  We highly recommend Aaron’s to anyone wanting the job done right – first time, every time.”  Mr & Mrs Camilleri, Austral, NSW

“We have been using Aaron’s Pest Control Service for the last 6 years and have been more than happy with the results. The service has been prompt, efficient and carried out at the arranged time with the minimum of inconvenience. We are happy to recommend Aaron’s pest Control service to anyone requiring a very good pest control service.” B & B  Pendlebury, Blair Athol

“When I moved into my new place, I wanted a good recommended pest control company. I was told to try out Aaron’s Pest Control. That was 6 years ago and I have not looked back. Aaron’s Pest Control provided me with all the services I needed for my property. They provided me with excellent service and cost. I would recommend Aaron’s Pest Control to anyone who is looking for excellent service.” Fay Allen, Appin

“Aaron’s pest control is the best company that I have ever used to treat my property. They do a thorough job, always on time and I highly recommend them.” Bill Sunderland, Macquarie Fields

“We have recently acquired the services of  AARON’S PEST CONTROL and are pleased with the service provided, and would highly recommend them to other Businesses…” Tania, ST Andrews Medical Centre

“I have been using Aaron’s pest control services every year for over 7 years. He does a great job keeping my home pest free inside out. Very reliable and I am happy to recommend his services to anyone.” Chitra Indap, Prestons

“The pest treatment you gave my house was the most thorough treatment I’ve ever had. I have used other pest control companies in the past and they don’t even come close to the service that you provided” Rocco Proia, Casula

“We have engaged Aaron’s Pest Control for the last 4 years and are extremely happy clients. I have a phobia for cockroaches and having John fix the roaches issue for us has been a blessing. After John sprays the yards we see a reduction in spiders as well which is a tough target to achieve. John is a very friendly person as well & I have seen him do the hard work unlike some others we have had before we switched over to Aaron’s. Keep up the good work. Thank you!” Jyoti & Ravi Naidu, Ruse NSW

“Aaron’s pest control have been spraying my house for Pests for the last eight years, I am very happy with the work they have been doing because during that period I never had to call them back to re do the work and in addition to that they have always been flexible and punctual and I would highly recommend them.” Ralph Hanna, Harrington Park

“Very happy with your service. On time, polite & please put me in the book next year to be done again” Mark Jacobs, Glenmore Park

“We have been using Aaron’s Pest Control for about 6 years now and have found them to be extremely reliable and efficient. Aaron’s has always provided a prompt and friendly service and we would not hesitate to recommend them.” Tracey and John Deans, Kearns

“We weren’t happy with our last pest control company so we decided to give you a go.You did a great job and we are very happy” Mario & Monica Proia, Catherine Field

“We have used you for the past 2 years and we couldn’t be any happier with the service that you have given. Your work is very thorough and you take the time to give the best possible treatment. We will definately recommend you to others” Gary & Marty Ryan, Wetherill Park

“We have been using Aaron’s Pest Control for the past few years. The service is efficient punctual and polite. Most importantly we have a creepy crawly free household.”  Diana & Jeff  Lyon, Eaglevale

“We have been using your service for 4 years now and are very satisfied with  your work you are dependable and do a complete job.” Doug & Claudia Patten, Eagle Vale

We were very pleased with the prompt service and also appreciated the follow-up phone call. We would be very pleased to use Aaron’s pest control service again for our future needs” Margaret & Geoff Tilden, Narellan

“I am very pleased with the pest treatment received by you. Your service is exceptional & will continue to get you back on a yearly basis.” Michael Lea, Chipping Norton

“We have been using Aarons Pest control for the last 3 years. We found him to be reliable, effective and have excellent service. We would highly recommend him to anyone for competitive, thorough workmanship.”  Danny & Maria Rodrigues, Bonnyrigg Heights 

                                                           FREE Bonus Gifts!

If you call now you’ll also receive a FREE Dangerous Spider Chart which will give you a brief description of the 10 most common spiders that can get in and around your home. Keep it handy in case of an emergency or identify spiders you see.

You’ll also receive a FREE Termite (White Ant) information brochure, which will tell you 5 things you must do to avoid termites attacking your home, what you must know before buying or selling a home and more. There’s a limited number of these available so be quick!

 Don’t Wait … Call Now … Before I’m Totally Booked Out!

Don’t miss out on this special offer available for the next four weeks only. You’ll get your whole home thoroughly serviced at this special offer low price. It’s excellent value for money. So be quick and take advantage of this special offer right now while it’s available, and while it’s still fresh in your mind. I only have a limited number of vacancies available each week and I am sometimes booked out for two to three weeks in advance.

 After this offer expires the price will go back up and there’ll be no more Free treatments or Free coupons. So pick up the phone and give me a call now … I’d hate for you to miss out!

Thank You,

John Maya – Manager

Aaron’s Pest Control

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Tel Direct:  0404 155 101

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P.S.     Save yourself $$ and get a FREE treatment for Spiders, Black Ants, Silverfish & More … This Month Only! P.P.S.  Be quick and call now … I guarantee I’ll be booked out very quickly with this offer. I’d hate for you to miss out … and remember I use safer products that don’t have any toxic fumes or smells!