Red Back Spider Warning

Red Back Spiders like to hide under the rims and lips of outdoor furniture, pot plants, metal garden sheds, garage doors, retaining walls, pool areas, pool fences and behind the down pipes just to mention a few places. So be careful where you put your fingers.

The red back spider web is normally very messy, with bits of grass and leaves caught in the web. They extend their webs from pot plants to the ground and around the cracks and crevices of the above mentioned areas. Their webs generally don’t look like much at all, but there can be a whopping big red back hiding amongst there. So just be aware.

Check also inside your house under the coffee table, dining table and chairs as we have new customers calling from time to time, to tell us that they’ve found red backs inside in these locations. I’m sorry to alarm you, but it’s better to be safe than sorry — especially if you’ve got kids who like poking their fingers around.

Did you know that your electronic exhaust ceiling fans/vents in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen areas that exhaust the air into the roof cavity are also places where red backs make themselves at home?

You can remove the plastic exhaust vent fan cover and spray surface spray around this area and then once you have re-attached the plastic fan cover, just turn the fan on and spray the surface spray over the plastic cover.

This will keep the red backs away from the exhaust fan and prevents them from dropping down inside, and by turning the fan on it sucks out the aerosol smell into the roof cavity.

We've been using Aaron's pest control for a few years now. John is very punctual, responds to all concerns and even points out problem areas around the house. Peace of mind, especially with my little kids who are at the age where every bug is fascinating! Hassle free and for a good price. Thanks John! Another year done.
Amreeta Sami, Bonnyrigg Heights
John Maya - Managing Director
John Maya
Managing Director
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