Termite treatments

What is Termidor Foaming?

When it comes to quick and effective treatment of termites in a house, Termidor foaming works very well. Formulated as a dry foam which builds and holds in place, ensuring the active is evenly distributed throughout the treated area. Termidor Foam does not kill too quickly, allowing time for the powerful Termidor Transfer Effect to go to work.

What is a termite chemical barrier?

A termite chemical barrier is a chemically treated zone that surrounds the perimeter of a building or structure. This treated zone lays beneath the ground, positioned strategically in an effort to disrupt the termites natural path.

The chemicals used to create this barrier prevent the termites from breaching the treated area, and gaining access to your property. Termites that come into direct contact with the treatment are killed off, and also, over time the entire colony is killed off as the effects of the treatment are passed between the termites themselves.

This is what makes this treatment method particularly effective

What is termite baiting?

In simple terms, the purpose of a termite bait system is to intercept termites in the grounds or gardens around your home – before they reach, and potentially damage your property. The sole purpose is to treat termite colonies.

This is achievable through termites returning the actual bait back to the nest.

Baiting stations are a great way to safely detect and treat termites where a chemical soil barrier is not practical or possible. It’s also a safer alternative for property owners who prefer not to use traditional chemical treatment methods.

How termite baiting works

Termite Bait systems are designed to intercept termites in the grounds around a property or structure. When termites begin feeding in the baits a powder form bait is mixed and added to the live bait station.

Termites begin to feed the bait back throughout the colony, this will result in the treatment of the colony. The bait that termites feed on has an insect growth inhibitor in the bait that prevents the moulting process of the colony and over 6-12 weeks kills the nest.

Types of termite baits

Above ground baits

These are used inside a building or structure to provide instant feeding of bait directly to the colony. These baits are fixed temporarily to a window frame, wall or skirting where live termites are feeding.

In Ground Termite Baits

These are installed in the ground and under concrete paths around a home, usually 3 meters apart.

Q. Are termite baits safe?

A. Yes, The active ingredient in termite bait is much less than table salt. It has no odour and is irresistible to termites. As it has a chitin synthesis inhibitor inside it affects insects with an exoskeleton only. It won’t have any adverse affects on your family, pets or native animals.

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