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Cabramatta Heights

Cabramatta Heights is a suburb of South-Western Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The suburb is approximately 25.5km from inner Sydney City. Closest suburbs include Warwick farm, Liverpool and Mount Pritchard. Cabramatta Heights is a place of residence for around 19,814 people. The population is made up of 9,721 males and 10,093 females. The number of employment is approximately 4,874 and the majority of the employees in the suburb are laborers, machinery operators and drivers. Cabramatta Heights shares the postcode with Cabramatta West, Canley Heights, Canley Valley and Lansvale.

Cabramatta Heights was considered by most residence as part of Cabramatta. Therefore the history of the place was most likely the same with the suburb of Cabramatta. The place was originally called Moonshine run because it was so heavily forested that moonshine could not penetrate. The name Cabramatta was used by people in the place in the early 19th century. The first railway was built in the place in the year 1850’s and after 20 to years, the construction of a school and post office followed. The place remained a predominantly agricultural township. It place evolved into a Sydney Suburb in the mid 20th centurypartly because of the housing projects in the nearby suburb, Liverpool. Before this happened, the government of Cabramatta developed a closed relationship with the nearby suburbs and finally shared a common municipality in the year 1899. In 1948, Cabramatta’s local government merged with Fairfield and today remains governed by the Fairfield City Council. After the postwar period, immigrants from Europe settled in the place and satisfied the labor demands by surrounding manufacturing and construction activities. In the year 1890s, the suburb of Cabramatta and some parts of Fairfield area was characterized by a variety of Australian-born children having migrant parents. This brought to combination of different cultures and idealism in the place. By the 1990s, Cabramatta seemed to have developed its own identity. The suburb become knows as the place for authentic Asian experience.

Since Cabramatta heights is considered to be a part of Cabramatta, it is obviously part of the development of the place. Because of the Asian combination and influences brought to this suburb, there are plenty of restaurants offering international and Asian cuisine to tourists who decide to visit the place. Residents of Cabramatta heights can also enjoy some specialty shops and attractions located in the place which are often reflect the combination of European and Asian culture.

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John Maya
Managing Director
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