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Cabramatta is found in one of the western outskirts of south western Sydney, New South Wales Australia. It is 30 kilometres away from Sydney’s Central Business District under the local government area of Fairfield City. Cabramatta is known for its colloquial name of ‘Cabra’. This suburb has the largest Vietnamese population in Australia.

The name Cabramatta first came to be used in the area around the 19th Century. This was because the certain influential Bull family named a property they bought as the ‘Cabramatta Park’. In 1814, a small village nearby was formed using the same name. The village grew into a town, and a railway used for freight and livestock was built in the 1850s. It was later on opened for public transport during 1856. Then a school was founded in 1882 and then a post office followed on 1886. Cabramatta still continued as an agricultural town.

It later on evolved to become a Sydney suburb only in the 20th century due to a major state housing project on the nearby Liverpool. That also later on, took Cabramatta in. In the post war era, a large population of immigrants from Europe passed through this place and settled in the nearby localities during the 1950s to the 60s. The population grew fast due to business growth run by the entrepreneurs amongst them.

In the 1980s Cabramatta and the nearby Fairfield area were among the homes of the most diverse mix of Australian and immigrant born children. Statistics have shown that only 10% of the children had both Australian parents in Cabramatta High School. It was considered one of the famous melting pots. Only around 1960s and the 70’s, this place once again welcomed a new wave of immigrants from South East Asia due to the Vietnam War. Then on the 1980s Cabramatta became an Asian community practically outnumbering the previous European and other immigrant races. It was like a “Chinatown”.

During the early 1990’s the town became prey to vandalism of teenagers yet later on together with the rise of the nearby Liverpool city yet taking the glory away from Fairfield, Cabramatta later on embraced its own identity with a reputation of being known as “the place of the authentic Asian experience” in Australia.

Commercial Area:
The population mostly composed of the following : 31.2% Vietnam, 27.5% Australia, 6% Cambodia, 5.5% China, 1.6% Laos and 1.3% Thailand. This statistics alone reflects the reason why there are so many Vietnamese and Chinese owned businesses all around Cabramatta. It has become the Asian Food capital of Greater Sydney.

The 2006 Census revealed that the area with zip code 2166 has a population of 19,813 comprised of 49.1% males and 50.9% females. Among these people 47.4% of people are married, 29.6% have never married and 16% are separated or divorced. The average individual income is $248.00 per week and the average household income is $631.00 per week. In terms of religion, there are 48.9 48.9% into Buddhism, 16% into Catholic, 8.6% have No Religion, 6.4% into Eastern Orthodox, 3.1% are in Anglican.

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John Maya
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